Marc Williams

Marc Harrison Williams

Marc had a zest for life; everything he did, he put his whole heart into -- faith, family, music, and sports. You name it, he could achieve it. A gifted musician and child prodigy, he always had a passion for beautiful music. Marc was no stranger to anyone he met.  He was friendly, generous, and kind, with a corny sense of humor. Naturally good-looking and athletic, he possessed a genuine smile and dimples (which melted the hearts of his mom and family). Moreover, Marc loved Jesus, and shared his faith with everyone he knew. He served faithfully in his church, and used all his gifts and talent to glorify God. He was a blessing in the lives of all he knew and loved.  For those that benefited from the donation of the gifts of his mighty heart, eyes, and bone marrow tissue, he wouldn’t have had it any other way than to share his life and leave a legacy.

Elizabeth Williams, mother