Ivana Butler

Ivana photo.jpg

Realization is starting to kick in

That we have to say goodbye to a close friend

Trying to ignore what took place 

But the truth is staring in my face 

We were all just laughing around

But when this happen I could not stop begging for your life 

It's not gonna be the same.

Now I'm looking at a picture of the your fighting hands 

I know you had to go but it doesn't make it any less painful

I didn't know you as long as everyone else but you still became my little sister

I just hope you know when you took your last breath your big bro gonna miss ya.

Love Your Big Bro. Chris


Ivana was a three year honor graduate of connections academy. She had obtained a full scholarship to any state university in the U. S. Also she was a talented artist, and certified genius.