Don Boone

Don was a good looking, fun loving young man. He was very well liked as was evidenced by his being elected Senior Class President at his high school and being selected President of the youth group at church.

He was selected by his teachers to participate in the Natural Helpers Program at school. He was a member of the Honor Society, Who's Who, Student Government, as well as participating in two sports at school (golf and football). The cheerleaders even talked Don into giving up football and becoming a cheerleader as they needed some muscle to throw the girls in the air and catch them. Don even enrolled in a gymnastic class with the cheerleaders in order to do the routines. He believed that everyone should hug someone at least 3 times a day.

In October 1992, Don's life ended due to a severe head injury. His family, friends, classmates, and church members were in total shock over his untimely death. As his parents, we chose to remember the seventeen good years that we enjoyed with Don and not to dwell on the last days of Don's life. When asked by the doctors and the LOPA Staff to consider organ donation, we were caught off guard. We had never discussed organ donation but by the Grace of God we said Yes to Organ Donation. Don's Heart, Liver, Kidneys, and Both Corneas were used to enhance and save the lives of others.

We wished that we had discussed organ donation with Don so that any doubts would have been removed as to what he would have wanted but sadly we had not. Several months after Don's death, we found out exactly what Don would have wanted when we read his English notebook. In Don's English 4 Journalism Class his teacher asked the class this question. If you were blinded and could have your sight restored only by convincing a particular accident victim who is dying to donate her corneas to you; would you try to convince her? Why or why not? What would you say?

Don's answer was as follows…..Yes, I would try and convince her. I think that sight is the greatest of all senses. To be blind would be like having a black veil over your face at all times. I don't know what I would say. I know that I would gladly give my organs to a needy person.

Saying YES to Organ Donation is one of the most rewarding and positive decisions that our family has ever made. Don lives on in the life of others. Organ Donation makes a difference. Say YES to Organ Donation.

Robert & Phyllis Boone, Don's Parents