Cassie Edwards

Cassie edwards 3.jpg

Cassie Edwards was a selfless giver. She always helped others in need even if it meant doing without a few luxuries for herself. She gave her time and support for her country as a member of the Louisiana Army National Guard. She faithfully gave her finances to her church. She always gave a word of encouragement to her friends and family.

Cassie was an amazing mother and taught her two beautiful daughters daily of God's Love for them. She even had the opportunity to help guide both of them to accept Jesus Christ as their own personal Savior.

Knowing the importance of sharing God's love, Cassie became an organ donor. In her death she was still able to give. She gave her heart to a young Woman in her 20's. She gave her liver to a young teenage woman. She gave her lungs to a young man in his teens. She blessed two dear family friends, Mike and Greg, with her kidneys.

Cassie's infectious smile, encouraging words, and faithfulness to share God's love will forever be missed, but her spirit of giving will forever be remembered.