Carl Lapoint

September 8 2015 was a normal day just like any other day. Little did I know our lives would change later that day. That morning would be the last time I hugged, kissed and saw my husband awake. I talked to him at 4:40 that afternoon he was running late from work when he called me to say I love you and I'll see you soon.

Around 5:45 I called Carl to see how much longer he would be and he didn't answer. Carl always answered his phone so I started to worry. When the sheriff's department showed up at the door I began to panic. My first thought was that Carl had been in an accident. Upon getting to the hospital my reality was far worse. Carl had been found in cardiac arrest and unresponsive. Walking into the ER was like a dream I couldn't wake up from. All I heard the doctor say was Mrs. Lapoint you need to call your family. My husband, the love of my life, best friend and soul mate was dying.

His brain was swelling and a machine for the most part was breathing for him. They were doing everything possible to help Carl. He was moved to ICU where his body was cooled to 91.4 degrees for 24 hours to try and stop the damage. Carl was in ICU for 10 days. As I sat there watching him I prayed for a miracle, I cried, became angry and had every emotion a human being can have. God had bigger plans. 8 years ago Carl decided to become an organ donor. So on September 18 2015 when he passed away that's just what we did. I honored Carl's wishes and he became the HERO I always knew he was. Carl saved 5 people when he donated life. He won't physically be here when Shelby, Madelyn and Koi graduate, get married and have children of their own but he is forever in our hearts and minds. We take comfort in knowing he lives on in the 5 people he saved.

We love and miss our HERO

Carl James Lapoint

12-22-80 to 9-18-2015