Camryn Miller

Camryn Miller

Camryn Miller

This blonde haired angel is OUR HERO. He saved 1 life and gave the gift of sight to 2 people.

Camryn was a healthy, energetic, happy, outgoing and VERY loving 2 year old. On March 22, 2014 our world was shattered. Camryn was following his daddy to the barn and Camryn was ran over. He died instantly.

Never in a million years do parents think of burying their children, but all too often it happens more than we may know. When we were given the option to donate, we did not hesitate. Why not? If ANYTHING was good enough to save someone else's life, lets do it.

I have recently reached out to the recipients asking to meet. I pray they respond with good intentions. This will certainly help bring closure to our family.

Camryn was the youngest of 11 children, 9 boys and 2 girls. He now has a cousin Emma Camryn Rose named after him and a nephew Camryn Gage (which is his full name). His legacy will FOREVER carry on. We miss our angel more and more everyday, but we are so thankful that he was able to help others in need and we were given the opportunity to do so. For Camryn's recipients, just know you are in our thoughts and prayers everyday and we hope and pray that you can find it in the goodness of your heart to come forward so we can see the good our son has done for someone. Please don't be afraid of hurting will make us smile!

Best wishes,

In memory of Camryn aka Toogie

Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Miller