Brande Nicole Denson

Brande Nicole Denson, 11/03/1989 to 04/22/2009, was in a terrible accident that led her to a nine-day stay at LSU Medical Center in SICU where she passed on the 10th day at 8:05am. She was a student registered at Tyler Junior College in Tyler, Texas and was in the process of transferring to Shreveport to attend nursing school at LSU.

When I found out that she had already chosen to be a donor on her license, I was at ease with my decision to give her back to God. He is the creator of miracles and he gave me 19 wonderful years with Brande. Her dream was to help save lives and that is exactly what she is doing. We are so proud of her.

I remember a time when Brande's sister Christy had a Gymnastics meet in Seattle, WA. I told Brande (age 3 at the time) that I was going to let her stay with grandma while I went to Seattle. She said, "Well I want to see Attle too mama”. I could not for the life of me explain to her that I was going to Seattle, the town in WA and not to visit someone named Attle. Each day I called and she would ask if I had seen Attle yet and to tell her hi for me. I came home with a teddy bear named Attle and she slept with it every night. We still have that old bear..

I remember so clearly Brande's 17th birthday. She got out of bed and came into the kitchen where I was doing my daily whatever moms do. I asked her what she wanted to do for her birthday and she replied, "I want to go and give blood with you mom”. What a great gift to give on someone's birthday. So not about her.... I am so proud of Brande and will have information on the people she has helped by donating her organs. My little girl is quite the hero and I love her. Please keep her recipients in your prayers that they might be healed by Gods loving grace and Brande's giving heart.