Benjamin Meeker

The following submissions are from his mother and father.

Benjamin Meeker was caring life partner, father, son, and friend.  We all felt his love and compassion.  He brought happiness and joy to the world during his short time with all he touched.  We have all learned and grown having been blessed by the life of two people through organ donation.  With his gift of life, he forever blessed the life of two individuals. Ben’s smile lives on in these individuals and their families.  He will be forever missed but never forgotten. 

Ben Meeker Sr. was a loving family man and devoted father to his son Ben Meeker Jr. He was a spirited young man who loved life! He was a special person to all who knew him. His family and friends know when we look up at the clouds in the sky; there is Ben Sr. in heaven looking down at us smiling with his beautiful lips. We will always be with you and will miss you forever.