Antonio Dorell Bennett

Antonio celebrated his 20th birthday on February 24th, 2008. We planned a surprise birthday party in a local park. To my delight the weather was perfect, he was surprised, and he was happy.

He was so pleased at how many people showed up from both sides of the family, he really and truly felt loved that day.

The last we spoke was the night before his death on June 5, 2008, I was having trouble with my computer and Antonio was supposed to help his sister with a project. His sister and I had forgotten what time it was and called his home late and we briefly spoke and said we will talk to you tomorrow after he came home from work. He never made it to work. He was fatally injured that morning.

Antonio was my first born and only son. Even though I felt like my world had come to an end I knew in death he could live on.

I myself am an organ donor recipient and because of that knew in death he could bring life to others. Antonio also knew how important it was and did say he would like to be a donor if he died. Now his sister and I live our life making him proud as he did us.