Anthony Richard Eichmann

Anthony Richard Eichmann

June 9, 1971 - November 1, 2016

A life cut short - but filled with many adventures, tall tales, tragic endings, ‘Drama-Mamas’, seedy bars, loving people and devoted animal companions. This was the Life of Anthony Richard Eichmann, who officially passed on November 4, 2016 after donating his two kidneys and his liver to lucky people who will live a better life due to his offerings.

He was assaulted in New Orleans during Voodoo Fest week, his on and off home of the past decade, and sustained blunt force trauma to his brain. He was pronounced brain dead on November 1, 2016 (All Saint’s Day) and was kept on life support for three more days to enable organ donation.

Anthony was a Gypsy, a Wanderer, a Nomad. He grew up in Delaware County, PA and graduated from Penncrest High School, where he had many friends- including his ‘brother’ Robbie Walters, a lifelong friend. His traveling spirit took him to Alabama, where his mom and sister lived. He stayed there for years, working as a carpenter and also doing tile work. He was an Artist at his trade — earning a meager living, making friends, being with his family.

He was lured to New Orleans to make a better life for himself - but her song was the song of the Siren. The wild Lifestyle of ‘Life in the Quarter’ drew him in. He made many colorful friends that became family, and was able to make a living doing odd jobs and his spirit thrived in the New Orleans ‘free-for- all’ atmosphere, the ‘anything goes’ attitudes and the constant Party Life of Decatur Street. It also became his ‘undoing’ in a way.

He survived Katrina by seeking refuge in Alabama and then went to California for a while, living in the Oakland area. But NOLA beckoned and back he went. Like a ping-pong ball between Alabama and Louisiana. He most recently took up residence in New Orleans last year. His gypsy lifestyle led to living with many of his NOLA family, including his Southern ‘brother’, Remy.  

Anthony loved animals and took in many strays, just like people took him in. He had a way with dogs, it didn’t take much to get them to listen to him and stay by his side. He is now with his beloved ‘Whiskey’, and I am sure their reunion was joyous. He loved music, picking up the guitar at a young age and taking one with him wherever he traveled. It was one of the ways he relaxed. He also was an avid reader of all types of philosophical books and classic authors, opening up his mind to the world.

He enjoyed Nature and the outdoors, photography was another ‘window to the world’ for him. He loved seeing and experiencing new, beautiful places. Little River Canyon National Preserve in Alabama being one of his favorites. It will be where his ashes are blown to the wind.

Anthony was much loved by many. His huge, generous heart and the love and loving gestures it generated were recognized and appreciated by all who knew him. Even though he never had much money, he’d help out those in need any way he could. As a friend recently said about his passing: “ I’ve lost a piece of my soul.”

Anthony is survived by two Moms: his birth mother Charlene Hall, now residing in Guntersville, Alabama and his ‘step-mom’ Michele Guerin residing in Media, PA with Anthony’s father, Richard aka ‘Rick’ Eichmann Jr., his sister, Kadee Suzannah Roden and his brother-in-law, Chris Roden and their two children, Morgan and Ruby.

His New Orleans Family, Alabama Family and Delaware County Family will always have a special place in their heart for him. His loss is deeply felt and the memories we all have made with him, will live on and sustain us.

Anthony Richard Eichmann

Anthony Richard Eichmann

Poem: The Nomadic Soul

The caravan of the soul
moves from body to body                               
as a Bedouin moves his tent
across the great desert.

Each life is a marketplace
in a different city of the world.
Gather what you can
and soak in the scene.
Because soon and without warning
you’ll be on your way.

L.M. Browning