Ann Thomas

My grandmother, Ann Thomas passed away May 8, 2009, and we were asked at the hospital if we wanted to donate to LOPA. Of course, we said yes.

My maw maw loved helping people; in fact she spent her entire life doing so. She was the kindest lady I ever knew and losing her has been the hardest thing we have done, except losing my pawpaw. The 3 of us were inseparable my entire life. I was the only grandchild, so to say the least, I was spoiled rotten. She passed only 2 years after losing my pawpaw and since it was a heart attack, I know she really died from a broken heart. As much as our family still cries and misses her we are so moved by the fact that she even in death carried on what she did in life, helping people. She would be the first one to help whether she knew you or you were a total stranger. She didn't care, she just wanted to help.

What gets us through is knowing she has saved someone else’s loved one. I am also a registered donor and I encourage everyone to at least consider it. I can't wait to maybe see or talk to some of the families her donations have helped.

Thank You,
Lindsey Williams