Alex "Scooter" Corcoran

He wanted one last bike ride before he called it a night. How do you begin to describe this child? To me (his mother), he was "My gift from God." He is the most unique individual that I have ever known. He loved life. He loved to live. The world, according to Alex, was a place to have fun.

He didn't like to concern himself with everyday drudgeries such as school and chores. His imagination knew no boundaries. He was a free spirit to go where the wind blew him, and he sampled all the pleasures life had to offer along the way.

He was not bound by the rules of society. He had a tremendous spirit and was a child who definitely knew what he wanted. He made friends wherever he went, because Alex never met a stranger. He was very observant of his friends' interests, and loved giving little gifts that he found or made, for no other reason than to make them happy. He was truly - a child of God. On the eve of the accident, after putting his Cookies-N-Cream ice cream away, I feel sure, that his only thought was to take "one more quick bike ride," before he came in for the night.

He often acted on impulse, with no thought or fear of consequences, (just like his mama). That's my baby! I couldn't be more proud of him. He died, doing what he loved most, being free and having fun. There are no words to express the depth of heartache I have, now that he is gone.