Alan Varnado

Alan Puissegur.jpeg

My brother, at 28 years old, unfortunately lost a battle he had fought. The battle we often hide for fear of the stigma it brings. Depression. Anxiety.

My baby brother Alan was a hard worker who loved to fish and hunt! Fishing was his happy place and he was very good at it. He was a skilled electrician and served many people after the 2016 flood, helping them get back into their homes. He cared about his family first, and no matter what, would be there at the first call. He lives on now in a spectacular way. Through the act of donation. 4 people were given new life.

I prayed when we learned the gut wrenching news that Alan wouldn’t pull through that his organs find a home to someone in great need and that they would love life and live a life that serves God and puts him first. My brother was a good man and I will love him forever and hope to one day meet the people who have been given a chance at life thanks to my hero, my brother.