Governing Board

The Governing Board has full legal authority and responsibility for the management and provision of all LOPA services and must develop and oversee implementation of policies and procedures considered necessary for the effective administration of LOPA. These include fiscal operations, quality assessment and performance improvement (QAPI) program, and services furnished under contract or arrangement, including agreements for these services. The governing board must appoint an individual to be responsible for the day-to-day operation of LOPA and approve recommendations from the Advisory Board.


ARi Cohen, MD

Hoonbae Jeon, md facs

K. Trevor Form, MD
Vice President

Robert McMillan, MD

Janice Kishner, RN

Scott Perrilloux, Esq.

Charles “Chip” Porter, CPA

David Puckett

J. Philip Boudreaux, MD                      

nelson hellwig, MBA

Daniel Frey, MD


Advisory Board

The Advisory Board provides policy recommendation for recovery of organs, effective agreements with hospitals in its service area, effective professional education, appropriate testing and evaluation of organs consistent with OPTN standards, appropriate tissue typing, system for allocating organs consistent with the rules of the OPTN, transportation of organs, coordination of activities with transplant centers in Louisiana, recovery of all potential tissue donors, and an annual evaluation of the effectiveness of LOPA.


  • Anil Paramesh, MD, Chair
  • Ginger Miller, RN, Secretary
  • Emily Ahmed, MD
  • Donnie Aultman, MD
  • Joseph Caspi, MD
  • E. Shannon Cooper, MD
  • William “Chuck” Credo
  • Leron Finger, MD
  • Jonnie LaHatte
  • Teresita McNabb, RN
  • James Moises, MD
  • Ilyas Munshi, MD
  • Rhonda Porta
  • Raoult Ratard, MD
  • Gerard Schoen