The following suggestions are intended to help you organize your thoughts.

When you return home, you may want to:

  • Contact other family members and close friends
  • Discuss the choice of a funeral home with close family and friends
  • Have a relative, friend or neighbor answer the phone or help with phone calls if you have to notify a number of people
  • Notify your loved one's employer
  • If children are involved, notify the school
  • Contact your attorney, if you have one, who will be able to assist you with any legal issues
  • Have someone keep a list of all phone calls and flower and food donations
  • Determine if you would like donations made to an organization or charity in memory of your loved one

Prior to going to the funeral home, it may be helpful to have a family member or close friend go with you. Also, you may want to take the following:

  • Your loved one's name (full name; also include nickname or other names used)
  • Your loved one's date of birth
  • Place of birth
  • Social Security Number
  • Occupation
  • Father's name and mother's maiden name
  • Proof of military service, if applicable
  • List of relatives and relationships
  • List of church, professional, and other organizations in which membership was held
  • The name and address of an organization or charity to which you want donation made in memory of your loved one
  • Clothing for viewing and burial, preferable with a high neck line
  • A list of individuals who may be available as pallbearers and who may speak about your loved one at the service
  • Arrangements for food or gathering after the burial service
  • Click here for a resource website that may be helpful when planning a funeral service

After making funeral arrangements, you may want to:

  • Obtain three copies of the death certificate
  • Contact life insurance companies
  • Contact your local Social Security Office, if you are eligible for benefits
  • If you do not have an attorney, contact your bank about any existing accounts
  • Notify any creditors or credit cards

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