Our hope is to inspire a YES...from all those we come into contact with as we continue building on Louisiana's growing Organ and Tissue Donor Registry.

Tyler Dufrene was a 17-year-old Central Lafourche High School student whose life was cut short on the night of his graduation. His vehicle was struck by an impaired driver. Tyler made the decision to have a red heart on his license, indicating that he wanted to be an organ donor.

Suggested videos for classroom use:

Emily's story: Emily was 10 years old when she was in an automobile accident. She became a donor and saved 5 people's lives. In this video, Emily's mom is joined by some of Emily's organ recipients who visit Our Lady of the Lake in Baton Rouge to thank the doctors and nurses for all their hard work taking care of Emily before she passed. Here the nurses and doctors get to meet those individuals who received Emily's gift of life. 7 minutes and 52 seconds

Jamie meets her donor's parents: Prior to January 2, 2009, heart disease was a constant presence in Jamie’s life. Jamie says, "When I rolled into the operating room, I knew life would never be the same. I was going to be going home, regardless of the outcome. I let one tear fall before I went to sleep, and I was grateful for my second chance.”

Jamie opened her eyes approximately 7 hours later, and she knew that the transplant had worked! It took less than a week for Jamie to recognize that she had a strong, healthy heart, and was never going to be the same! You see, she never knew what a healthy heart felt like. She even called the nurse into her room with concerns that she may have a fever, and the nurse diligently checked her vitals, temperature, and tubes. The nurse asked Jamie again why she thought she had fever, because everything looked fine, and Jamie explained that her ears and head felt warm. The nurse smiled and said, "That is because you have circulation now. Your new heart is doing its job.”

Since the transplant, Jamie has completed cardiac rehab and started running and regular exercise. In 2014, Jamie competed in the Transplant Games of America in Houston, TX, and received yet another very special gift, she met her donor’s parents. The video here chronicles their meeting.  7 minutes and 47 seconds

Justin's legacy: Justin was 15 when he was in an accident, and saved 5 lives through organ donation. He had talked with his mother, Libbie, about donation because his grandfather had died waiting for a heart transplant not long before Justin's accident. He had told his mother, "If more people knew about the importance and need for donors, my grandfather could be here with us still." Justin is a hero, and his mother, Libbie, works tirelessly to ensure her son's Legacy of Life continues on. In this video, Libbie talks about her son's Gifts of Life. 9 minutes and 22 seconds

Chris' story: Chris Henry was a NFL wide receiver with the Cincinnati Bengals, and grew up in Belle Chase, LA where he played high school football. In 2009, Chris was involved in an accident and became a donor. He was not a registered organ and tissue donor, and had never discussed donation with his family, so his mother, Carolyn Henry Glasby, had to make the decision for him to be a donor. Since Chris's passing, Carolyn now travels to speak about the importance of talking to your family about donation. This is a special report from ESPN that aired approximately a year after Chris's accident, where Carolyn got to meet the recipient's of Chris's gifts of life. 8 minutes and 10 seconds

With over 2,000 individuals in Louisiana waiting on life-saving organ transplants, it is our goal to ensure our community, which includes Driver’s Education students, is properly informed about the importance of organ and tissue donation.

Our partnerships with Driver’s Education programs are an essential piece of our outreach efforts. We strive to build relationships within our community to help reach people of all ages, ethnicities and religious preferences.

Raising donor awareness throughout our state is a huge job. LOPA's Community Outreach Team consists of seven Community Educators, as well as donor families, transplant recipients, waiting list patients and other LOPA team members. LOPA is a partner in the Donate Life Louisiana (DLL) statewide alliance. DLL is a group of organizations whose mission is to educate the citizens of Louisiana about organ and tissue donation, encourage them to register as organ and tissue donors and foster family acceptance of the process.

LOPA's website and our Community Educators are your direct line of communication for scheduling presentations or obtaining information.

Please visit our Request a Speaker page to email us about scheduling a presentation from one of our regional Community Educators, or if you would like a comprehensive slide presentation emailed directly to you for use in classes. Additionally, we have many video resources for you to use within your curriculum. Please use informative and compelling videos located on this page.